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Chinese Language Learning Support Programme for NCS Students



支援模式 (Mode of Support)

1.入班支援 (In Class support)


Our school arranges teacher or teaching assistant to provide in class support for non-Chinese Speaking students. Therefore, students can participate more in class activities

and build up a basic foundation in Chinese language.

Learning vocabulary 

2.個別語文輔導課 (Chinese Language Individual Tutorial Classes)


At the beginning of the semester, teacher will assess non-Chinese speaking students and set personalized learning goals based on the assessment results. The content of the class is designed according to the students' interests and abilities and aligning with the school-based Chinese language curriculum. Diverse teaching strategies are used during the class, including learning from songs, reading picture books and image-based literacy learning. Students need to complete homework after class. They can scan the QR codes on the worksheets to listen relevant nursery rhymes and word pronunciations to reinforce their learning. 

Reading book 

Learning rooms in a house 


3.小組語文課 (Chinese Learning Groups)


Non-Chinese speaking students are divided into groups according to their listening and speaking abilities. In the group lessons, students learn to listen to instructions, use daily expressions and acquire general social etiquette through social interactive games. We believe that learning through playing can enhance students’ learning motivation of Chinese language.


simulating dim sum dining in a restaurant 

4.抽離課 (Pull-out programmes)


Pull-out remedial teaching is conducted for non-Chinese speaking students during Chinese lessons in the form of small groups or in individual settings. Teacher provides focused guidance and instruction tailored to students’ learning needs, thus they can integrate into main classes successfully.

Reading aloud the text 

5.其他學習經歷 (Other Learning Experiences)


Besides indoor classroom activities, our school arranges a variety of life-wide learning activities for non-Chinese speaking students to increase their opportunities and confidence in recognizing and using Chinese, for example Chinese culture day, Saturday activities etc. We also encourages non-Chinese speaking students to participate in different extracurricular activities, such as School dancing team and “I am an actor” Group, so as to facilitate interaction between non-Chinese speaking and Chinese speaking students outside classroom.

Celebrating Lunar New Year 

Filming videos together 

校本教材 (School-based Teaching Materials): 

1.故事圖鑑 (Story picture book)


A series of food-themed story picture books is created for non-Chinese-speaking students, aiming to help them understand the food culture of Hong Kong and integrate into local community.

2.課文詞語卡 (Flashcards)


Our school designs a set of school-based flashcards with Cantonese pinyin and English explanations. Teachers adopt appropriate pedagogical approach with these cards to motivate students in Chinese learning. Non-Chinese speaking students can also use these cards for self-learning during recess to improve their literacy.